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They have been called Hashish; others call it Hash. In one form or another, Cannabis Hashish has been around since the discovery of cannabis’s benefits. The ancients used it in rituals, for escape, and medical benefits.Hash is a cannabis concentrate suitable for smoking or vaping.

What is Cannabis Hashish?

Joints, blunts, and bongs use the dry flowers of the cannabis flower. Hash comes from the cannabinoid-rich trichomes of the cannabis plant. The Hash comes from crushing and pressing the trichomes into flour-like dust you can form into bricks or cakes.

Prepared without solvents, Hash does not carry toxic residue. Produced without the waste of cannabis woody fiber, Hash enhances the potency of the original strain. Whether you make it with little equipment or more, you will save money.

How do you smoke Hash?

Cannabis veterans use Hash in several ways. They break the bars or cakes into smaller pieces or a powder for making edibles. But smoking Hash remains the most popular option.

Finally, you scrape the product left below the finest mesh onto a piece of parchment paper. You can shape it into balls, bars, or cakes.

Consumers hoping to produce large quantities have invested in machines that keep the water cold and do the stirring for you.